What are the impacts of identity crisis and how they can be dealt with?

Unquestionably, you are aware of the term “identity crisis”, but the effects are unknown to many.  

Identity crisis might be the most endangered trait in the developmental stage of adolescence; they go through rapid changes, which they can’t understand such as emotion, hormones, and also their perception of life.  

Identity crisis is no respecter of person. It doesn’t matter the educational background, their faith, or even the social level of an individual, many are still affected by this crisis.  

Research has shown that individuals who suffer from an identity crisis are unhappy and feel out of place, hopeless and timid. those who are not challenged by identity crisis develop strong qualities that make them happier, healthier, and more confident.  

Based on studies done, it is said that identity crisis can be influenced by various factors which include: improper upbringing, lack of affirmation, and unpleasant past experiences. stress, troubles, and societal demands are also factoring that cause identity crisis along with the lack of ideologies values, experimenting with roles, and being a leader.  

It’s not a secret, an identity crisis is here and all adolescents should be aware of its impact and how to deal with it. If it is not confronted, it will continue to bring havoc in an individual’s life. 

In this changing world, people are faced with new challenges every day such as: starting a new relationship, the poor upbringing of children, failing marriages, confusion about choosing a career path, and doing things that make them happy.  

Ways to approach this crisis  

  1. First, you have to discover who you are so you will be able to answer questions such as:

who am I? or who do I want to be? Then you have to learn about yourself. At the stage of adolescence, individuals search for their true identities. When they discover who they are, it is less possible that they want to be and who they were taught to be.  

  1. The next step is to decide what mattersto you most. This alleviates the confusion and frustration and allows one to keep focus.
  1. discover your interest and examine it thoroughly. Ask yourself why these interests are important to you.
  1. Evaluate your life. Evaluate who you are and what you are doing. This will enable you to work on your strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Strive to achieve. A great way to feel a strong sense of purpose is to earn praise and achievements. No matter what you do, if you work hard at doing it well, there will be payoffs. while there is of course much more to life than just working, work does help confirm who we are and make us feel that we have a purpose.

Prayer is the ultimate key to defeating an identity crisis. One has to pray earnestly to ask God to make good choices and to help them to find themselves. 

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