The rod of God is all you need to complete your assignment


Exodus 4:1-17
Moses was discouraged
1. Present discouragements often arise from former disappointments.

Moses didn’t feel worthy of the honour
and He pleaded to God that he was not a good spokesman

Acts 7:22
“And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and in deeds.”

 When Moses’s plea was overruled, and all his excuses were answered, he begged that God would send somebody else on this errand and leave him to keep sheep in Midian.
Moses wanted someone else to do the assignment God had chosen him to do even before he was placed in his mother’s womb. All the Lord required of Moses was for him to trust him and to use the rod of God. The Lord knows each of our abilities and potential. He will not give us an assignment he knows we can’t do.
Jesus is the Master builder and the chief architect. He is also the head Shepherd of the flock of God.

The place where God wants his children is at his right hand. But to get there, a believer must be in total alignment, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit. 

The Love of God requires us to take our rightful position. 

Sitting at the right hand of God denotes both Jesus’s dignity and his dominion. All the favours that come from God to man, from man to God, must pass through Jesus’s hand.

In God’s kingdom, positioning is key. 

If you do not position yourself in the right place, you will become insensitive to God’s voice and end up rejecting the one that matters most.

Within the natural, you cannot give running water to someone thirsty if they are not ready to receive it 

why? because it will fall and becomes a waste.

Because God is not a waster, so he uniquely and divinely provides every provision to be received in its rightful position.

  1. The Cross is the place of deliverance and regeneration of the inner being. It is at this point where the process of cleansing and forgiveness of our sins takes place, and it is also the place where our spiritual consciousness is awakened to the reality of our destiny in God. This is where we received righteousness instead of judgment.
  • The Resurrection and the ascension are where spiritual life and spiritual commissioning is given

    At the resurrection, believers rise in the newness of life and regain their consciousness in God. And At Jesus’s ascension, the believers receive the heavenly kingdom’s commission and authority.

              Mark 16:19-20

“So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.”

  • Pentecost is the place where the Holy Spirit gives spiritual empowerment to believers. For them to serve and walk in their God’s ordained destiny. This is the juncture where we are counselled, taught, guided, reminded, instructed, and empowered by the Spirit of God. 

This is the place where the believers get the alignment to walk in holiness and where we get the nourishment to bear spiritual fruits.

Let us look at the life of a son of God who is empowered and walking the consciousness of being in Jesus while he sits at the right hand of the father. 

          Acts 7:55-56

        “But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God, and said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.”

  1. Seating at the right hand of God the father in Christ Jesus (this is where the sons of God rest in Jesus Christ while God the father fights on their behalf). This is where the believers rest from all worries and fear. All they do is trust and depend upon Jesus to intercede and fight for them.

Some Christians from the day they got saved until now are still living permanently at the place of the cross and others are still taking residents in the upper room at Pentecost. 

Many Christians already received their empowerment, but they haven’t walked either in its consciousness or its manifestation. While others for years still wait in the upper for their spiritual empowerment. Meanwhile, the father is ready to make their enemies their footstool, but everything is delayed because they haven’t taken their place at his right hand in Christ Jesus. 

Jesus as the head is already sitting at the father’s right hand but his body which is the church missing or the members who are a part of the body is not in their right place doing what they were called to do.
Having and using the rod of God is all you need to complete your assignment.
The rod signifies the will, the power, and the very presence of God.

1. The rod of God will never fail in doing the master’s will.
2. The rod of God embodies God’s unlimited power, and he will always out-trump all other powers.
3. The rod represents God’s very presence.

The Lord told Moses that when the rod is in his hands, he will do signs.
A sign is something that can be seen.
Everything that can be seen with the physical eyes was first in the spiritual world.
This means that everything that you can see on this earth was first an idea or thought in the mind, then it bypasses the gate that connects the spiritual to the natural; this process is called proclamation.
There is only one way to shift or alter the reality of the natural, and that is through the process of proclaiming words.

When a person proclaims a demonic word, it manifests a satanic order reality that ends up breeding chaos and fear, but when a child of God proclaims the words of God, it creates a God-order reality that breeds love and peace.

Only God can create things. The devil is only an imposter who can cause what already exists to manifest, but he cannot create anything new.
The word of God is the rod of God. When correctly applied, the word of God has the power and the potential to create and manifest God’s reality.

As I close, please contemplate these questions.
1. What God has placed in your hand, are you using it?
2. Have you made the Lord head of every area of your life?
3. Who protects and guides you?
4. Who is your chief and command?
5. Who is keeping your life on this earth?
6. Where does your help cometh from?
7. Are you providing for yourself or is God the one who oversees your daily provisions?
8. Do you believe that God will bring you to the finish line?
9. Are you operating in your full God-given abilities and potential or are you just strolling by?

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