How to deal with stress

Everyone at some stage in their life has to deal with the issue of stress. But what is stress? stress is the body’s response in dealing with challenges. Stress affects an individual emotionally, mentally, and physically. Many times, stress is unavoidable because it can come in many unforeseen forms, such as sudden illnesses or the death of a loved one. These realities are difficult to accept.

Studies have shown that many of the world‘s illnesses are stressrelated and can only be reversed by managing stress in one’s life.

9 Characteristics that associates with stress in an individual’s lives:

1. No appetite for food
2. Smoking addiction
3. Constant headache
4. Feeling fatigued
5. Workaholic
6. Unsteady heartbeat
7 Unable to make proper decisions
8. Not being able to get adequate sleep at night or day
9. Anxiety and panic disorder

Whatever creates how to deal with stress in one individual’s life might be different from another, Stress can be workrelated, other financial issues, some family problems, and some may be spiritual and can only be broken with God’s help. So, it has to be approach base on the causes.

It was shown in a survey that most people believe that there is no solution to stress than to consume pharmaceutical drugs. When in fact, there are other alternatives.

7 tremendous ways in which stress can be eradicated from an individual’s lives are:

1. Know the cause- clearly identify the causes of your stress, after knowing the causes then move toward accepting the realities and take the necessary action to alleviate the situation.

2. Take it one day at a time- some stressful challenges will not disappear overnight; it can take time. Just keep nurturing a positive mindset toward a successful outcome.

3. Build a bond with others- socializing is a powerful weapon of coping with stress, share the problem you are having with friends, families, and also your spiritual leaders. Let them pray with you, isolating yourself will only make it impossible for any chance of any recovery.

4. Learn to relax- find a quiet place to take your mind off all your problems, practice breathing techniques to help to boost the body nutrient and oxygen level, which will lead to a better recovery.

5. Exercise- when a person goes through stress the body doesn’t work as it should, so exercising helps to get your muscle moving again, plus when you perspire your body release dangerous toxic. Exercise can be done in many ways such as walk or cycling around your block, taking swimming lessons, use the stairs more than the elevator and you can also listen to music while dancing.

6. Set realistic goals- set target that is accomplishable that you don’t have to stress when those goals are not complete. Remember you are a human so it’s ok to make mistakes.

7. Balance your life- learn to balance your family, work, and personal life, don’t take on everything at once but put them in manageable order to prevent the recurring stress.


Develop a positive perception of life, socialize more, curve, and stop all bad habits, avoid stressful relationships and situations, eat properly, have faith in God, and pray more. Doing all of these will help to alleviate stress and also help to maintain a how to deal with stress-less lifestyle.

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