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February 19, 2021


Kayon is a book author and seasoned lead Pastor with 16 years of experience of increasing responsibility in congregational leadership. He is committed to shepherding individuals to Christ, engaging communities in missionary work, and continues to engage individuals in spiritual counseling.
Pastor Kayon Watson was born in Jamaica and now resides in Toronto, Canada. He is a flaming fire, anointed, and mandated by God to teach, preach, and equip God’s children through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. He has a heavy prophetical mantle in his life that causes him to be able to see things with divine insight.

Kayon believes that Jesus gave his life so that humanity could be saved from sin and that a person must be willing to make the necessary changes to put Jesus first and above everything. Kayon has learned, through his personal journey of wrestling with God through a very challenging season of his life, that he needed to develop and deepen his personal relationship with Jesus as Lord of his life.

Kayon began to diligently pray and seek the Lord and through this, he saw his faith grow stronger as he trusted God’s plan for his life. Today, Kayon devotes his time to encouraging others in their journey of faith. Kayon explains it this way:


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